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Please prepare a nomination for yourself, or your nominee. Nominations are accepted for individuals who have upheld their role in the computing industry. The categories in awards were selected by the Network Professional Association to establish a base for professionalism and ethics upheld by the industry member. Award nominations are accepted year round.

PLEASE NOTE: A single Award for Professionalism may be awarded in each category or subcategory; all categories may not be awarded. NPA reserves the right to decline any nomination or withhold an award for lack of sufficiency. Individuals and companies may submit nominations in more than one category, however if the same individual or group is nominated for more than one category, only the first entry or nominee’s choice will be considered. Previously submitted nominations cannot be resubmitted in subsequent years. NPA will notify the submitter receipt of the submission via email.

Winners will be notified approximately 2 weeks before the Award is made. Winners may be asked to provide addition information, media clips, photography or personal presentation for use at the ceremony.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of editorial, networking professionals as well as others with special expertise in the specific categories. Candidates for the Awards for Professionalism are evaluated based on the nomination information provided. Evaluation is based on criteria significant to the values of the Network Professional Association. The judging panel looks at various aspects of the submission including whether the submission is complete and responsive to information requested, and can be validated by references and public sources. Evaluation includes to what degree has the nominee demonstrates technical competency, exhibits the tenants of the "Code of Ethics", leadership, and contributes to the technical community and the welfare of society. Consideration is given for IT certification and higher education, participation in industry professional associations, contributions to the knowledge base of technology, public speaking, and peer stature. Each category is weighted to emphasize the best representation of the award.


AFP application


Submit an Awards for Professionalism Application before the submission deadline to: Network Professional Association at awards@npa.org. Using the approved application form with supplemental items as needed.

Provide full contact information for individual or group being nominated.

Provide contact information for the person making the nomination.

Specify the Award category for which the nominee is to be considered.

Provide a powerful statement justifying the nomination. Explain why this nominee stands out and why they should receive this award; include most notable accomplishments.

Requests for information may be directed to: Richard Allan Kelley
Network Professional Association
awards@npa.org 888 NPA-NPA0