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Awards: Outstanding Mentor Award
2010 NPA Awards for Professionalism

Outstanding Mentor Award honors the networking professional who has made the most effective combination of the ideals of professionalism and the accomplished mentor. This year’s winner, ChandraShekar Thota started a unique and first of its kind community website in Hyderabad exclusively for developers working on Microsoft technologies and now has 1000+ members and 120+ unique features. He encourages techies to become active speakers, mentors and authors.

ChandraShekar Thota is a role model for 1000+ global techies. A major aspect of Chandra's work is through the community group, Hyderabad Techies. Hyderabad Techies ( is a unique and first of its kind community website started by ChandraShekar Thota exclusively for developers working on projects using Microsoft technologies. A member of INETA and GITCA, the main theme of this technical community is to create an environment where all the members can share their knowledge and grow collectively. While sharing knowledge, it showcases the skills of all the users. To date, 250+ free technical sessions have been conducted through hyderabadtechies covering from the basics to the cutting edge technologies. is a non-commercial, no sponsor website encouraging techies to become speakes, mentors and authors. Individual’s contributions are identified and awarded thereby encouraging a bond to the community. This community helps one to build a technical and professional network by providing the platform to discuss issues through forums and receive job updates. A few wonderful features of this community are: ample links to websites, download materials, and tons of articles covering from basics to cutting edge technologies.

Chandra is not only known for development and support the above community but is also recognized for his activities in other areas:

• Forum Contributor at,,
• Microsoft MVP Award for 2007- 2008, 2008- 2009
• Voice of community award for submitting more bugs in vs2010
• Speaker at 16 offline events in Hyderabad, GOA, US
• 100+ technical online sessions
• DNS MVM Awardee

Chandra works an average of 6 hrs per day for community activities, communicating with various technical aspirants to entice their talent from within. He strives tobe a mentor for community members creating public speakers and an awareness of community. By example, Chandra has given many sessions as a speaker and has provided a way for beginners as to how they can become a speaker and how one can dig into latest technologies. Under his guidance there are 300+ online sessions conducted and ongoing almost every day in English and other regional languages. He trained and introduced 50+ mentors and 100’s of authors who will write new articles every day in the community. Chandra is proud to be identified with the many valuable members who are now in leading positions.


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