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Awards: Best Networking Professional -
Career Achievement Award
2010 NPA Awards for Professionalism

The Best Networking Professional – Career Achievement Award is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated the highest levels of integrity, professionalism and ethics throughout their career. Joseph F. Sifer is a Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Vice President with over 20 years of experience in information technology (IT) and telecommunications systems consulting. He is the officer-in-charge of program support for the Army, National Guard, and U.S. Army Reserve as well as the officer-in-charge of the Firm’s networking engineering capabilities.

Joe Sifer portrays the unique traits necessary as an IT professional who has made a very effective combination of the ideals of professionalism as an accomplished mentor and traits of a technically competent IT practitioner. His technology background and experience includes years of mentorship to peers and staff as well as those outside his immediate group. Many leaders within Booz Allen and in outside organizations have benefited from the mentorship that Joe provides. He has also assisted various small businesses to navigate the IT and government contracting market in their work. His mentoring/counseling is consistently professional and helpful, guiding the recipient during career development and assisting to navigate challenges and issues. Many individuals have cited the valuable mentoring assistance that Joe has provided in their years of experience with him. He has mentored and guided multiple peers and co-workers through successful careers within Booz Allen Hamilton and in IT industry.

Joe is a proven highly successful information technology professional. Achieving the position of Senior Vice President at Booz Allen after his years in the IT industry, he currently focuses on telecommunications technology and IT infrastructure, wireless systems planning and solutions strategy, wireless program development and management, and spectrum policy and management. He holds a technology leadership role for various client markets for Booz Allen. The clients that Joe supports view him as a strategic leader and a impact contributor to their organization. Joe’s professionalism and knowledge base has created a reputation of integrity and trust supported by the clients he serves as well as his colleagues.

Joe gives back to his professional industry and to the community as well through his volunteer efforts in his local community. He is seen as a leader at all levels both internal and external to Booz Allen Hamilton and clients.

A monumental accomplishment in Joe’s professional career was his participation in and development of the Chief, National Guard Bureau’s (CNGB) number one IT initiative, the Joint CONUS Communications Environment (JCCSE). JCCSE is an umbrella concept that enables the reliable and timely flow of key information to support state and Federal military activities, routine and otherwise, required for Homeland Defense (HLD)/Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA), and other mission needs. This construct does not concern the gathering or collecting of intelligence, law enforcement information or other data. Rather it concerns the communications systems and programs that will be used, in accordance with law and regulations, to distribute information. On 26 February 2004, the CNGB and the Director, Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems, Joint Staff J6 co-hosted a Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) meeting comprised of senior DOD and interagency IT leaders to highlight and discuss the JCCSE construct. The SAG membership was highly supportive of the need for a JCCSE capability and recommended that an appropriate document be drafted to present more detailed analysis and seek formal approval for the construct. The United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) accepted the leadership role to establish and promote a collaborative information exchange environment focused on interagency and intergovernmental information sharing throughout the homeland. The USNORTHCOM J6 committed to further develop the detailed enabling capabilities and supporting documentation for the JCCSE construct. Joe has and continues to be a leadership force on JCCSE while the NGB transforms the HLD/DSCA mission space. Joe’s leadership and accomplishments on this project have created a more flexible and collaborative information exchange environment as well as helped protect the states and territories HLS mission area.

Joe supports the Network Professional Association through his support of various staff on his team that are NPA members that provide volunteer efforts on behalf of the organization.

Before joining the firm, he worked as a technology consultant at A.T. Kearney, a project engineer at The Aerospace Corporation, and a research engineer for the NASA-Ames Research Center. He is a member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Joe attended the George Washington University on a full fellowship, where he received an M.A. in technology and public policy. He also has an M.S. from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.S. with highest honors from the University of Notre Dame, both in electrical engineering. He was awarded scholarships and assistantships from both institutions.


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