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Awards: Outstanding Mentor Award
2009 NPA Awards for Professionalism

Winner of the Outstanding Mentor Award, Regner Sabillon with 15+ years in the IT field he is a CIO for ICARUS IT Solutions Inc. He a PhD candidate, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Certified Network Professional (CNP). Regner is currently involved in the Canadian Higher Education sector by teaching ICT courses. He is a part-time University Tutor at Athabasca University and is a part-time Instructor and Facilitator at Columbia College and Mount Royal College. He has taught more than forty ICT undergraduate courses and two graduate courses for Master’s degree students.


Interview with Regner Sabillon

Winner of the Outstanding Mentor Award- We are honored to add Regner Sabillon with 15+ years in the professional field of IT to our Hall of Fame of outstanding professionals! Regner, a resident of Calgary, Alberta, Canada since 2003, exemplifies the noble principles of mentorship. He is dedicated to professional growth by going after specialized training and certifications emphasizing on continuing education in the IT field.

Born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Regner started his Bachelors degree in Computing Science in 1990 while in active service as a Military Pilot. He proudly served as a fighter pilot for the Honduras Air Force for 11 years. After leaving the military and graduating from the university, he started to work in the amazing field of IT. Starting as a Systems Programmer and over the years obtaining diverse positions such as IT Consultant, MIS Manager, General Manager, IT Administrator, ICT Support and most recently as an IT contractor. During the last thirteen years he has also have been an IT/IS Professor/Tutor/Instructor/Facilitator/Trainer for Canadian and Honduran universities and colleges.

Encouraging young people to join the field of IT; due to the many areas of specialization to choose from is of importance to Regner. “IT professionals can continue upgrading their technical skills if they want to remain competitive in their IT areas. It is a rewarding career in terms of personal and financial satisfactions. Organizations and people are in need of IT professionals to keep running their operations” Regner demonstrates his love and dedication to this field of work by keeping abreast of new technology while taking online & classroom courses, attending conferences, writing papers, reading specialized magazines. His current resume includes certifications such as: CNP, I.S.P., ITCP, ITIL, ISO 27001 LA, C. Tech, MBA, MSc. He is also Ph.D. Candidate and currently a member of NPA, CIPS, ISACA, ASET and IEEE computer Society. It is no surprise why he was won the Outstanding Mentor award of 2009!

Regner’s upcoming focus is to become an expert in the following areas; CISCO, IT security, audit, compliance and computer forensics areas. He also plans to retake his aviation career to become an Instructor Pilot. Currently his areas of expertise are within IT management, IT governance, IT security, computer training, educational technology, IT infrastructure/ITIL/support, networking and web design. Within the next 5 years he has an ambitious plan to finish the doctoral dissertation and get his Ph.D. degree. He also plans to receive a post-doctoral research position in an IT security area and participate in the global ICT scientific community by publishing articles and lecturing at conferences. Writing a book is also within the future plans. Looking forward to reading it!

Amongst new technologies his area of interest are the wireless technologies. “I like wireless technologies and how the small mobile devices have this capability of connecting to networks without cables. Web 2.0 is changing our lives due to its development and evolution of web-based communities. I visualize the future of computers with no external cables at all.” He is happy to say good bye to CD and CD-ROMs. “New generations are downloading music/multimedia into their mobiles devices; besides new storage media have bigger capacities”

When asked about the future of network professionals he clearly explained the need to find a balance in compatibility issues with hardware and software. Also the need for Global IT standardization starting from IT corporate procedures to the highest level of corporate strategy ,involving IT Governance and Management. All these matters will impact directly to the technology positions. One of his challenges in the current economic state of affairs is keeping abreast in the ever changing IT field. Nowadays fight against the financial factor to reduce IT services and costs in the market, as a result of the global economy downturn.

What would you say to Bill Gates if you met him?
“I truly am honored to meet you and I admire you as an entrepreneur for your contributions to humanity in the IT field and as a person for your latest involvements in philanthropic endeavors, charitable organizations and scientific research programs.”
Regner demonstrates his respect for all technologies when asked, PC or Mac? Windows or Linux? “All of the above, even though I have more experience dealing with certain technologies than others, I respect the value that these technologies provide to the Information and Knowledge Society”

Every year the Network Professional Association, along with sponsors like Culminis, Cisco Press and Interop look for outstanding individuals worldwide like Regner Sabillon who can inspire others. Not only has Regner accomplished an exemplary career he also continues to challenge himself with goals of reaching higher levels of professionalism and ethics in the ever changing world of IT. Congratulations on your achievements, and much luck in your future endeavors!

By: Jessica Wilson