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Awards: Best Mentor Award
2008 NPA
Awards for Professionalism

Interview with Boris Jocoy

Boris, Congratulations on winning the Awards for Professionalism, Best Mentor Award.
I was surprised, delighted, and honored when my chapter president, Richard Allan Kelley, had told me that I won the award. I wish I had the words to express how flattered I am.

How long have you been a network professional? Since 1988, when at the time I earned a certificate as a Computer Application Specialist. I had just finished serving in the Army and decided to have a career in the field. I had been an early enthusiast; I first laid my hands on a TRS-80 L1 in 1979 at the Radio Shack at the Carlsbad Mall. Throughout High School, I was in in the computer club, working with TRS-80s and early Apples.

What other jobs have you had? Outside of the industry, I have worked as a drafting apprentice for the city planning department during High School, In the Army, I was in Aviation and Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense, and as an Aviation Linesman.

What other IT jobs have you had, including your first IT job? My first job involved performing technical support for a shareware company in 1988. From there, I worked in tech support for Stac Electronics. Then, as the Manager of Technical Support for Britannica Software and Compton’s NewMedia. Further, I worked as the Multimedia Resource Editor for the PC version of the Journeyman Project Turbo. I spent some years in the printing industry working with Scitex, Macintosh, Crossfield, IBM-PC, and SGI systems. Later, I got into web development and worked as the IS Manager for an electronics corporation. During all the years, I had done quite a bit of consulting on the side. After being outsourced, I decided to consult as a full time occupation and ultimately started my own company: Tech Brainy Consulting.

How and why did you get into this field? I have always gravitated towards high-tech and computers. I love the fast paced and dynamic nature of this ever-evolving field.

What is your best source to keep abreast of new technology? Hard to say. I enjoy interacting with my peers, using online resources such as TechNet and Experts Exchange. Sometimes it truly is about picking up a physical book or manual. For me, it all depends on the resources available.

What do you think the most exciting new technology? I really like virtualization. Not only for the obvious technical reasons, but also for efficiency and positive environmental implications.

What technology are you glad to say goodbye to? How about the fax? I know there are still those that still use it, but to me it is so backwards compared to newer forms of communication.

What is your specialty or field of expertise? I am a SMB consultant. I really try to bring my clients the latest in technology to increase their ability to compete and be efficient, while staying within a smaller budget. It’s about working smart.

Would you encourage others to join this profession? Absolutely
Why? We truly are representatives of progress. Not only do we get to assist others in maximizing their abilities using technology, but we are also the glue that keeps organizations together. Ask any executive if they can do without their email for any period of time. We are the ambassadors to technology.

Describe a typical day at the office. Early, say 6 a.m., I enter my home office, plan my day and perhaps work on a project. I may go onsite to a client’s office. Then I make it to my off-site office. There, I work on issues remotely for my clients, study current issues, test software using virtual machines, answer emails from my clients, peers, industry experts, or one of the industry partner programs. I then may call and plan more projects. I may order, research, or shop for solutions for my clients. Then call it a day. However, once I make it home I often have a laptop available for me to participate in activities to support one of the groups I am active in, such as the Orange County Chapter of the NPA.

What goals do you have for the upcoming year? I am S-Corp-ing my business and want to hire more staff as my business expands.

5 years? I would like to grow my business and use it as a launching point for training individuals in a more professional and certified manner of handling IT needs for SMBs.

What do you see in the future for network professionals? I think it is very important to have a standards-based approach for the network professional. I have encountered many situations in which IT was handled like a free-for-all. In my experience, this is a recipe for disaster. I believe in time that a standards based approach (no matter what the platform) is going to be more recognized. The network professional is truly a key individual, more needed than ever.

What is the most challenging thing about your career? Currently I have been dealing with cleaning up after others on jobs. I try to show by example that there is a difference between a certified professional and an enthusiast-consultant, without resorting to bashing. I strive to show the value of the certified professional over the low dollar and non-certified enthusiast-consultant. In the end, most see the value and long-term relationships are formed. However, getting past that first step remains a challenge.

What would improve your career/job substantially? I am always training, researching and certifying. These are the keys for my consulting and the value I can add for my clients. If I make my clients happy, my career and job improve.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in North County San Diego. I live in Aliso Viejo.

What are some other interests you have? My Porsche, Singing to SingStar, travelling with my wonderful wife.

What would you say to Bill Gates if you met him? How do you do Mr. Gates? Would you like to join me for a cup of coffee? Then I would like to discuss his insights to events in the past and what he finds of interest in the future.

I like Bill Gates, some have bashed him, but I really respect his influence and dedication to the industry. I do not necessarily agree with some of the past tactics of Microsoft; however, what else is new in a competitive, relatively young industry. When you succeed, you are going to step on toes. It is what you do afterward is important.

PC or Mac? Windows or Linux? E. All of the above. They are all so very good; otherwise, they would fade away into obscurity. Each is a valid tool for its purpose. It is hard to tighten a nut with a screwdriver.

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This award honors Boris Jocoy who has made the most effective combination of the ideals of professionalism and the accomplished mentor.

Boris Jocoy - President, Tech Brainy Consulting, Aliso Viejo, California
Microsoft Partner and Small Business Specialist.
Microsoft Certified Professional
Network Professional Association Board member
HP Partner
Dell Partner
LeTip Orange County Professionals Member and Publicity committee chair

Boris exemplifies the best balance of professional responsibilities of the NPA. He has well-documented credentials and a solid commitment to educational advancement within the computer networking industry.

A willing speaker and enthusiastic advocate of certification, he willingly shares his wide-ranging technical competencies with others. His leadership and wide-ranging computer knowledge command respect. Despite a schedule that sends him all over the southland, he is an evangelist for computer professionals within networking groups. Boris regularly speaks at events on subjects such as technology professional ethics, value of certification, security, Microsoft Exchange, servers, and much more. He also finds the time to support networking professionals within the NPA itself.

He writes articles for NPA publications, regularly volunteers time to man the NPA booth at Microsoft training events and leads fellow NPA-OC members by example, displaying proper professional ethics at meetings and through his daily business dealings. His value of education, certifications and outstanding integrity are his hallmarks, thoroughly in line with the values of the NPA.